Alarm Monitoring

Local Alarm or Monitored?

When installing a security system in your home, most times you will have the option to have your alarm system ring locally or have it professionally monitored. However, if you are getting an alarm system as part of a packaged deal, more than likely a requirement will be to have your alarm monitored by the installing company or through one of their partnered alarm monitoring centers.

A local alarm system is not connected to a monitoring center. When the alarm is tripped, it signals no one. Instead, it will activate some type of siren or strobe light to let the occupants and neighbours know that the system is in an alarm condition. Apart from being annoying this alarm system achieves nothing.

A monitored alarm system is programmed to dial a monitoring centre whenever the alarm is tripped. Some alarm systems are also programmed to dial when there is trouble with the alarm such as a low battery, power failure or phone line down.

  • Grade A1 Accreditation
  • Advanced Infrastructure & Technology
  • 24 Hour 7 Day Operation
  • Direct Link to Emergency Services
  • Modern Self Contained Building
  • Weekly & Monthly Reporting Available

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The best thing about a monitored system is that it works is 24/7. This means that whether you are home or not, someone is always watching out for your home. If an alarm trips, the monitoring company will get the signal and take all necessary actions. This may mean notifying you, the authorities, or an emergency contact person of your choosing.

Keep in mind that many insurers offer discounts to those who have monitored alarm systems in their homes; therefore, the break that you may receive on your insurance premium may offset your monitoring fees.

There are companies that strictly monitor alarms for installing companies that do not have their own monitoring center. They call these companies third-party alarm-monitoring companies, or central stations. Monitoring is a 24/7 365 day, and needs to exceed the highest possible standards set by the security industry regulators .There are strict licensing requirements with each monitoring centre being graded, A1 being the highest offering stand alone power supply and communications and a full backup system to enable an uninterrupted service 24/7. The centre would need to continue to operate even if an attack or natural disaster were to occur.

We believe there is no use having a great alarm system installed in your home if your monitoring company is not going to be there to watch out for it. Remember, alarm systems and monitoring go hand-in-hand. To protect your home fully, you really need a good alarm system installed in it, and you need a great monitoring company to keep an eye out on that system. It doesn't matter if it is a third-party company monitoring your alarm or if it is the installing company monitoring it; just make sure that the company monitoring your alarm is well-equipped to do so.